Water Grant in Pavo, GA

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For years problems with the water system in Pavo, Georgia has been turning both city officials and residents off. A state grant is going to usher in some improvements.

Drinking water is okay again after Pavo's water plant shut down during Jeanne, but there's another ongoing water situation. Nina Jackson and other residents say at times there's very little water pressure.

“When you turn it on sometimes it's not flowing freely,” says Jackson.

Betty Jean Givens adds, "For the last couple of years sometime the water wasn't running. When we turn it on it wouldn't run fast enough."

The answer to the problem is crystal clear. City officials say Pavo's water has flowed through the same pipes since 1950. The worn pipes are frequently being repaired by the city.

Bob Miller of the Pavo City Council says, "We continuously have water leaks in town, this is an issue."

The water system will soon get a complete overhaul thanks to a $500,000 state grant. The grant will cover the first phase of the $2.3 million project.

Miller says, "Small towns can't afford to pay a large amount at one time so we're going to do this in phases. We'll start on the Brooks County side of town and move around from there.

Betty Jean Givens adds, "It's good news because we need all the improvements we can get in Pavo. I don't think we need to be using water from pipes that are rusted."

Residents say they look forward to the repairs so they'll have a normal water system and their worries and problems will go down the drain. City officials say the project will consist of about five stages. The first phase of the repairs will begin in July of next year.