Too Much to Take

For Amanda Sermons, living on washed out dirt has made the drive to school a scary one.

Amanda says, "I'm not a guy, so I really couldn't do anything if my truck were to fall in the ditch."

But Amanda isn't the only one scared of falling off the road. Driving has become a daily chore for her and her entire family.

Stephen Sermons, who has lived on dirt road for 12 years, says, "It's really been real hard on us and our vehicles trying to get in and get out."

This dirt road is like many in Lowndes County. Parts of Johnson Road now have a river flowing through them. County officials say the roads haven't been in such a state of disrepair in more than a decade.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "Since the flood we had in 1991, this has been the most severe weather that we've seen in Lowndes County that's affected these roadways to this point."

And with more than 200 washouts, county officials say it could be awhile until folks like the sermons see any improvement, but Amanda has a solution of her own.

Sermons adds, "They really need to just pave it. They need to do something before someone gets hurt."

County officials say all they can do at this point is wait for the water to recede.