Tallahassee College Students to Take Part in March Out 2004

College students in Tallahassee are planning a march later this month to stand up and be heard in this year's presidential election.

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has proclaimed October 27 through November 2 as "Operation Wake Up/March Out" Week. It's a campaign to get as many people as possible, especially young people, to vote in this year's presidential election.

Brandon Johnson, co-creator of March Out 2004, says, "Voting is not trendy, it's not something that's supposed to be popular, it's not suppose to be cool. It is your civic duty."

Derrick Wright, co-creator of March Out 2004, says, "We need to educate everyone. Everyone is not educated on all the issues and it seems like they're just voting, they're following people just because they say it's the thing to do."

On October 27, students from FAMU, FSU and TCC will meet at the Landmark Eternal Flame on FAMU's campus at 9 a.m., then march to the Leon County Courthouse for early voting.

Bill Proctor of the Leon County Commission says, "This is significant because the students at Florida A&M University recognize the power of their vote and know that right here on this campus there is a factor, a swing factor, a factor that can win many elections."

Crystal Blue, a FAMU student, says, "It's very important to encourage young adults to vote because every vote counts."

One student who wants her vote to count says that if it weren't for the march, some students may not go out and vote on their own.

Tayisha Scott, who plans to march, says, "Like, if I have a lazy friend, it'll encourage them because they know they'll have more people going with them instead of them going by themselves.”

After the chaos of the 2000 election, "March Out 2004" hopes to remind Floridians how important the General Election is in 2004.