Tallahassee Shelter Opens Up Day Center

The Shelter already provides almost around the clock services to the Tallahassee community, and now it's reaching a wider population with a day center.

The Shelter in Tallahassee has been providing a bed to rest for the homeless for more than a decade, but Shelter officials say that's not enough. Now, it's building new bridges to help those in need with the opening of the Community Day Center.

The idea behind it is to provide a central location for assistance and services.

Kathryn Collins, The Shelter Program Coordinator, says, "Having the resources is half the battle, if you can't get tot he help, how can the help get to you?"

The Shelter is teaming up with community service agencies throughout the area. Among the help being provided is job training, housing assistance and medical services. The Emergency Care Help Organization, or ECHO, is one of the partners.

Trudy Barnum, ECHO Executive Director, says, "It's just going to make all of these services more available and efficient for those folks who really need them."

The Shelter says they're only crawling right now. More is in store for the Day Center as they close the gaps between those who need help and the resources available.

The Community Day Center will be open seven days a week from 9 to 5 p.m. starting Tuesday. This isn't just a place for those who need help. The Day Center is also looking for individuals or agencies who'd like to provide help, or even just use the space.

To find out more, call The Shelter at 850-224-9055.