GIFTS Campaign at TCC

TCC is spreading its wings by embarking on its first ever major gifts initiative called the "Soaring to Greater Heights Campaign.” Eagles say they are optimistic about meeting their $10 million goal, and here's why they say it's needed.

In TCC's 38-year history, the community college has never launched a major gifts campaign. That changed Tuesday; President Bill Law says it’s in part due to lack of state funding.

Dr. Bill Law says, “If we're going to really maintain our excellence as times get tougher, we do need to raise money, private support and I'm looking forward to starting that.”

The TCC Foundation hopes to raise $10 million mostly from area businesses. Some will go towards health education programs.

Wendy Trawick, TCC Health Program Simulation Specialist, says, “Create a virtual hospital where all the health care programs can get together and get real life experience before they go into the actual clinical setting. It literally came down to me getting a scholarship or me not going to school.”

Another main goal is to increase access through scholarships, something Carolyn King benefited from as well as single dad Elliot Clayton.

Elliott says, “Especially older returning students as myself, so hard to live a life, raise a family and come back to school and then the financial means is often difficult.”

Two other areas the money is slated for enhancing the college's technology infrastructure and strengthening the quality of instruction.