New Developments in Thomasville

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The proposal for a new subdivision is being discussed by officials in the Rose City. The plans are far from being finalized, but some residents aren't looking forward to having new neighbors.

The land on North Pinetree Boulevard may become Thomasville's next residential community. After a citizen's request, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend the city rezone the land for 21 new homes of Buckton Place.

Jean Ann Hutchinson, who is on the Planning and Zoning Commission, says, "They felt like it still stayed within the single family residential low density zoning that it presently is, and that it was good use of the land."

Monethia Givens says her family moved to this area because there's less traffic and crime and she believes all of that will change if the development is approved.

Monethia says, "My main concern is sewage backup. I've had extensive damage done to my home that costs me thousands of dollars and when these cluster homes come in I'm afraid it going to be more frequent."

John Clark is against the development because of issues with flooding from storm water.

John says, “They've provided us with no plans as to where that water's going. I want to see a little plan before you start trying to rezone something."

Hutchinson adds, "They heard those concerns, so part of the recommendation is that an engineering report accompany that recommendation to the City Council, it does a measurement of evaluation of the citizens concerns."

John Clark says, "None of us here are against development, we want responsible development."

Citizens are hoping to reach a middle ground with the city, an agreement that's in the best interest of all residents. The recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Commission will go before the City Council for the first hearing on October 25.