Hurricane Heroes

Both were nominated by friends of neighbors, and the state is looking for more folks to honor over the next month.

Eleven-year-old Nicole Golden of Arcadia worked tirelessly helping neighbors after Hurricane Charley. Father Francisco Valdovinos and his congregation housed dozens of migrant workers displaced by multiple storms. They are the recipients of the first ever "Hurricane Heroes Awards" presented by Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings.

"We’ve faced hardship that we never planned on. We’ve faced heartbreak that we certainly never envisioned, and through it all the true strength of our state has continued to shine through," Jennings says.

Leisha Fordham from the Department of Law Enforcement is the person who nominated Nicole.

Leisha says, "Nine days straight, hot sun, it was 115 degrees out there on the pavement, but Nicole never stopped. She helped people load boxes and get food."

Father Valdovinos is Mexican by birth, humanitarian by calling; he housed over three dozen migrants in his home.

Father Valdovinos says, "It was a blessing to receive all of them, to keep them in shelter with a place to sleep. We shared for about three days with them."

The Hurricane Heroes Award will replace Jeb Bush’s Points of Light award for the next month.