Georgia Board of Regents Decides Against Tuition Increase

Thanks to pressure from Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, the state Board of Regents has decided against a mid-year tuition increase at state universities. However, many students feel that still isn't enough.

Thanks to several protests in Atlanta and one lengthy petition, students at Valdosta State University won't be seeing a 10 percent tuition hike in January. Although the tuition increase is off the table for now, students still say the governor hasn't done enough.

Jason Lewis, VSU Student Government President, says, "We think that's a small victory for us. We like that. We're happy about that, but the main thing is we want the budget to be looked at differently because it's out of proportion right now."

And with more than $65 million cut from colleges and universities around the state, students here are already feeling the effects.

Sandi Thurston, a VSU student, says, "They explained to us that was exactly why the air conditioning was cut off over the weekend and it was not planned to restart until 9:00 that morning, but what about the 8:00 classes in school?"

Even though the budget wasn't addressed, VSU student Crystal Tolbert says avoiding a tuition hike was good news to her for one reason, but students at VSU say they'll stop at nothing until the governor re-evaluates the budget.

Lewis says, "It's a long-term process. It's not going to be over this week or next week. It's going to be a process for months or even years to get these things taken care of."

So until then, students say they'll take all the small victories they can get. Statewide, students are already planning another protest at the Capitol in the near future.