Lowndes County Voters Turn Out for Candidate Forum

Candidates running in Lowndes County are no exception. It’s election year and voters in Lowndes County are doing their homework on many local candidates. They know the importance of their vote.

Inez Pendleton, forum organizer, says, "When I became 18 years old my daddy took me down to the tax commissioner office. He says, you need to register to vote. He says that's one thing nobody can take away from you."

More than 80 voters attended the Wymodausis political forum to hear the views of 20 local candidates. Voters say the opportunity to hear so many candidates at one time is very beneficial.

Beulah Hennly, a voter, says, "We are a diversified community and some of us like some things and others of us like other things. This gives us a chance to weed out and un-fog our outlook to make a good decision."

Organizers say the forum gave voters a rare opportunity to interact and mingle with the candidates before Election Day.

Henley adds, "When they go to the polls to vote they will say 'well, I know this candidate and they say they believe in this and these are some of the thing I believe in.'"

Organizers say the forum gave many undecided voters an up close and personal look at the candidates. Organizers say they had the largest turnout ever for the forum.