Leadership Symposium at TCC

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Imagine having the chance to get leadership advice from men such as Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Thanks to Tallahassee Community College, area businesses had a chance to get that.

Learning to be a leader from the men and women who have done it before is what TCC offered businesses and organizations Wednesday afternoon as a crowd of hundreds got the chance to listen to some of the nation's best known leaders as they handed out advice on how to apply their principles.

Denise Wilson of Capital City Bank says, "We have some very strong stated goals for our company and feel very strongly in the leadership from the Ground Up principle, which is what this is all about."

Douglas Darling, who works in the state Chief Financial Office, says, "Leadership is everything; leadership is how you serve the public, leadership is how you accomplish goals, leadership should give you the most pleasure out of life."

The leadership from the Ground Up seminar was broadcast to more than 60 sites worldwide from Dallas, Texas with TCC being one of only two community colleges involved with the event.

Steve Owens of TCC Economic Development says, "For us it's very important particularly in economic and work force development, several areas that we work very strongly in are with companies through our Corporate Solution Program and our Continuing Education Program."

In the end, those in attendance couldn't help but take away some new leadership principles from the speakers.

CPT Kelly Burke says, "For me personally, Rudolph Giuliani's relentless preparation, it does take a great deal of behind the scenes work, that extra effort, the little things."

Of course, there's nothing little about the leadership principles learned from this seminar. This was the 10th annual Leadership From the Ground Up seminar.