Public Fraud Arrest

A Tallahassee woman was arrested this week accused of taking advantage of Uncle Sam. She's accused of public assistance fraud for receiving subsidized housing and food stamps the law says she doesn't deserve.

Fifty-four-year-old Clara Whiteside Curry is under arrest, accused of lying to get food stamps and housing subsidies for years.

Phil Kiracofe, FDLA spokesman, says, "She's been charged with over $6,000 worth of funds that she received that it turns out she wasn't entitled to, that would have been from food stamps and housing both."

Arrest papers show despite owning land in Alabama, two businesses and several vehicles, Whiteside-Curry applied for and received food stamps for two years and Section 8 funding to help pay her mortgage on a Seminole Drive house for the past five years.

No one answered our knock at the door and a message left at Whiteside-Curry's painting business, has gone unanswered too. The director of the Tallahassee Housing Authority says her employees became suspicious when Whiteside-Curry's income and expense reports didn't add up. They ultimately called FDLE.

Claudette Cromartie of the Tallahassee Housing Authority says, "The money we paid over and above what we should have paid for her could have helped a family on the waiting list, so when people do that, it means not only do they create a criminal record for themselves, but they hinder us from helping other persons in need."

Whiteside-Curry's painting business, JC&C Associates, has done about $20,000 worth of business for the school district in the past five years. We tried to reach Ms. Whiteside-Curry to get her side of this story, but our phone message has not yet been returned.