Farmers Rejoice!

Local farmers were some of the hardest hit by the recent round of tropical storms, which repeatedly swept through our area.

"Our agricultural producers, our vegetable producers also have been hit extremely hard by the last three storms which came though South Georgia, and we experienced a lot of production damage and a lot of produce cost."

That’s why any agricultural producer who lost at least 35 percent of his crop will qualify to receive the new federal aid.

"Some of the growers are really in dire straits. We're fortunate because we have other business ventures which help support us through this, but a lot of farmers, it's their sole source of income, and it was almost a killing blow if the aid hadn't been awarded."

That's because some crops, like pecans, suffered losses of nearly 80 percent. Despite that, agricultural experts say the federal aid will let farmers get past this tough year and begin focusing on the next growing season.

"It’s very beneficial as far as making plans. We'll be able to make plans for improved production, rather than just trying to survive."

Farmers who want to apply for the federal aid need to contact their local farm extension office to begin the paperwork process.