City and Police Come to Agreement on Contract

These are some of the words being used by the Big Bend chapter of the Florida Police Benevolent Association when talking about the new contract between Tallahassee police and the city.

"I'm concerned that the Tallahassee Police Department is not going to be able to draw qualified applicants to our agency because of the commission's actions. Comparing us with other agencies, we're average,” explains PBA President SGT Ken Sumpter.

But the city says the contract is a good one for everyone involved.

"I am very satisfied with it at this point in time. The police certainly got a fair deal, under the circumstances. I think the city and the citizens will be well protected,” Mayor John Marks says.

Sumpter says that might not be true.

"Average salaries attract average candidates. We consider ourselves a premiere agency and the commission is not giving us premiere pay.”

The city says that the three year contract is for more than $3 million, and that's what the city and citizens can afford.

"We're fortunate that we have a fine Police Department. We've done a good job in managing our budget to get the kind of law enforcement our citizens deserve,” adds Marks.

The PBA says they only will determine what this new contract means to the city, whether or not there is a drop off in officers, going to different agencies for better pay and benefits.

The PBA Presidents says he's worried, because it's happened before.

The Sumpter says while not happy about the contract, union members voted yes for it earlier this month.