Local Voters Weigh In on Final Presidential Debate

It was a big night for many Tallahassee voters who gathered for the third and final presidential debate.

Bush supporters tuned in downtown at Paradigm and across the way Kerry supporters watched at the plaza in Kleman Plaza.

Kirsten Borman, a Bush supporter, said, "I think since this is our last debate, this is our chance to shine, this is our chance when our candidate is really going to show his true colors."

Scott Maddox, a Kerry supporter, said, "I think that it's a good in a democracy that we have here in America we have discussion of ideas. John Kerry continues to talk about the issues, he doesn't have personal attacks."

Differences and views aside, supporters in each camp say debates like this are a symbol of their freedom as an American.

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, a Kerry supporter, said, “I think that we shouldn't lose sight of that no one's an enemy and we're not really against each other that I think this is a fair election.”

Carole Jean Jordan, a Bush supporter, said, “It's an interesting dialogue between two people, but it's obvious that the president is passionate about both what he believes in and what he's done.”

And in this very close race for the White House, the candidate who truly came out on top won't be known until Election Day, Nov. 2.

It is too late to register for the General Election, but if you are voting by absentee, you have until the Wednesday before the election to make a request outside of the county.

If your ballot will be mailed inside the county, you have until the Friday before the election.