11 Foot, 500 Pound Alligator Found In Grady County Pond

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By: Kara Duffy
August 19, 2013

Grady County, GA- For more than 25 years Benny West has been tracking down and trapping alligators in Southwest Georgia.

His most recent catch was an 11 footer who found his way into a pond in Grady County.

"He was a danger to pets," West said. "He actually had been crawling into three ponds and crossing Highway 93."

So how did a crew of three men in a medium size boat take control of a 500 pound reptile? West says it no easy task.

"We'll pull him up with his mouth wide open and we'll make him shut his mouth by taping it's lower jaw and he'll slam his mouth shut."

West says he'll then secure it's mouth with a lock and tape.

"On a big gator like this, we use a whole roll of tape cause a 65 cent roll of tape is not worth me losing one of my fingers or arms or hands," West said.

West says the gators, like the one found in Grady County, are usually sold for profit.

"The hides will end up as a pair of boots, or golf bag or hand bag. And the meat you'll probably end up buying on a stick at the fair," he said.

West says he is in charge of trapping gators in seven Southwest counties including: Thomas, Grady, Decatur, Miller, Seminole, Early and Baker.

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