Holiday Road

With the interstate already in gridlock, factor in a few minor accidents and you have a mess of aggravated and anxious holiday travelers, many of whom are wishing they had hit the road earlier, like a certain Texas family.

Arthur Lopez, traveling from Texas, says, “We started out Monday morning. The storm got heavy and turned back."

Before long the Lopez family was on the road again, determined to weather the storms and highway hazards.

Arthur says, "It's great, except one-lane bridge. Traffic was stiff last night."

Other Texans traveling to the Sunshine State encountered similar problems.

Sara Beard, a motorist, says, "Night rough. The road under construction left us backed up for two hours."

Patience is a virtue when it comes to traveling through the holidays. Slow and steady is the advice coming from motorists and officers patrolling the highways this Thanksgiving holiday.