Holiday Air Travel Slow Going for Tallahassee Passengers

It's an industry that experts say has already seen a 52 percent spike in delays this year because of weather and rising demand.

The rush is on as people pack airliners heading home for the holiday. Experts say passenger numbers could even surpass pre-September 11 levels.

The holiday hustle and bustle can be seen at the Tallahassee Regional Airport as people pack planes bound for Thanksgiving day tables far and near, making for one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Experts expect five million people will fly this Thanksgiving, possibly surpassing pre-September 11 levels. Full terminals and loads lugging luggage is an indicator the Tallahassee Regional Airport is feeling the push.

Jim Durwin of the Tallahassee Regional Airport says, "Expect high levels and every seat taken going out of here today and tomorrow, record levels here as well."

With every commercial flight booked, passengers can expect plenty of company and possible delays.

Andrew Rockerman, a holiday traveler, says, “Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually convenient, so not that bad, wasn't as packed also."

Airport administration says all commercial flights leaving Tallahassee are booked. They're encouraging passengers to arrive early and exercise patience.

The FAA is warning people that there will be more vigilance and more personal checks of passengers, including the expansion of manual pat down searches for men and women, a key recommendation by the September 11 commission and reinforced by the suicide bombing of two Soviet airliners by female passengers.