FSU Graduate Student Arrested by FBI

The feds say Turkish citizen Abdulhamit Yagmurcu didn't enroll in classes on time, but the Muslim man's attorney wonders why more than a dozen federals swarmed his home and searched his office.

Friends of FSU doctoral student Abdulhamit Yagmurcu say they were stunned when federal agents showed up at the College of Education on Monday looking for the Turkish man.

Sources say that immigration agents and an FBI agent came to Yagmurcu's office at the College of Education looking for him and proceeded to search his office. Then they came to his home at Alumni Village later in the day and arrested him.

Neil Rambana, Yagmurcu's attorney, says, "The Department of Homeland Security and I believe the FBI, though I can't speak to that specifically, all appeared at his home; seven in the front, seven in the back and then they arrested our client on the charge of being an overstay."

Yagmurcu's lawyer says his arrest is anything but typical for someone who's simply overstayed his Visa. He doesn't know if the government suspects terrorist activity, but he admits Yagmurcu is an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq.

Neil Rambana says, "It seems to us there is a focus on our client unnecessarily just because of that."

An FSU spokeswoman says the university has no comment on the arrest, but Eyewitness News obtained an e-mail between Human Rights Center director Terry Voonan and an FSU administrator which says, "This has all the hallmarks of a federal terrorism investigation."

Yagmurcu is being held in the Wakulla Jail pending a hearing. A good friend says that during questioning federal agents wanted to know why he hated President Bush.

We have had a very difficult time finding people willing to talk about this story.

A spokeswoman for immigration and customs claims only three federal agents were sent to make the arrest, not 14. She contends this is a Visa overstay violation, which they take very seriously since three of the 9/11 hijackers were violating the same student Visa rules.