Holiday Raffle to Benefit Thomasville Community Center

Money from the raffle goes to benefit the Thomasville Community Resource Center.

The kids are asking for more than just $5 for a raffle ticket. They're asking for help, financial help, so that more children can benefit from the Thomasville Community Resource Center.

"It's a good place because you have plenty of room and when you get there you do your homework and you get to go outside. They give you a snack, they say it's a snack, but it's really like a lunch. It's really fun,” says fifth grader Terrence Ross.

That fun atmosphere is where children can learn and grow rather than wander the streets.

"You can ride down the road and just see plenty of children out on the street playing and nowhere to go to do their homework or get educational assistance after school. It’s a great program we have here and it's needed,” explains Lanie West, TCRC Business Director.

The money from the raffle tickets will make the summer program and the after-school program rates lower.

So, buying raffle tickets is a worthwhile cause that comes with a chance to win the Santa Sack.

The Santa Sack has more than $2,800 worth of gifts donated from various downtown shops.

The raffle drawing will be held Dec. 11.