Thanksgiving Meal Advice

For Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will celebrate by eating the traditional meal, which experts estimate has about 3,000 calories.

Many last minute shoppers spent Wednesday at the stores, fighting the crowds, to get those "forgotten" items for one of the biggest family meals of the year.

"Just busy, and now I've got to get out here and get things going,” says last minute shopper Dick Anthony.

"Because I have a business to run and a large family and clients. All of sudden the crowd has swarmed to 16,” shares Susan Fewell, another last minute shopper.

But all that running around might be a better idea after Thanksgiving. The American Council on Exercise says a 160 pound person would have to run for four hours to burn off the 3,000 calories from a Thanksgiving meal.

So here's some advice to avoid the four hour run.

"Exercise portion control. That's the main thing. We may eat the right things, but we eat too much of it,” says Ellik Hawkins of

ACE says eat normally before the "big meal."

If you starve all day to save room, most likely you will overeat.

Make sure you stock up on the healthier choices. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Leave at least one bite of each item on your plate which is a good habit all year long.

And finally, eat slowly.

"Try not to eat that pumpkin pie at night!” advises Hawkins.

And remember to drink lots of water, and have a happy, healthier Thanksgiving.