State of the Election

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The eyes of the nation are on Florida this election, and now a well-known government watchdog group says Republican state officials may be trying to give their party an unfair advantage.

Ben Wilcox of Common Cause says, "I think there’s the possibility the election will be tainted, I think there’s a strong possibility."

Ben Wilcox with Common Cause says policies and decisions made by the Florida secretary of state’s office are throwing the fairness of the process into question. He cites the flawed felon voter purge list and the provisional ballot rules now being considered by the state Supreme Court.

The secretary of state’s office is frustrated by the ongoing lawsuits and controversies. Elections officials say it seems like an organized campaign to stir up trouble and cast doubt on the election process.

Glenda Hood wonders if these so-called non-partisan groups have an agenda of their own.

Glenda says, "I find it very curious that all of a sudden at the eleventh hour that there are questions being raised on the integrity of the process and the integrity of our supervisors of elections is being questioned."

Ben Wilcox says darn right their integrity is being questioned.

"We are casting doubt, but I think we have legitimate issues that we’re trying to raise and what we’re saying is voters need to be cautious, they need to be knowledgeable."

Joseph Agostini with the Florida Republican Party says he doesn’t think the GOP is getting any special treatment.

"I don’t believe in conspiracies," adds Joseph.

But more lawsuits are likely no matter who wins on November 2.