Animal Infection at Humane Society

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Now under quarantine, the Humane Society remained closed Thursday. The staff was required to clean the entire premises after learning one of their dogs was infected with a deadly disease.

Carol Jones, the executive director of the Humane Society, says, "We were notified Monday by a local veterinarian that one of our dogs that had been adopted the previous Friday had been tested positive for parvo. The animal that was adopted seemed perfectly healthy before he left here."

All pet owners need to be aware of parvo. Common symptoms are vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Parvo spreads through animal feces and is easily passed on.

Dr. Grady Leon Young of Young's Veterinary Clinic says, "The virus lives six months or more on the ground. All the dog has to do is lay down in the area where the bowel movement was and contract the disease by licking the area."

Parvo is a common disease. Young dogs and certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible. Veterinarians say the disease can be prevented through vaccinations.

Young says, "People need to know that if they don't have their dogs vaccinated, they (the dogs) stand a very high risk of getting this disease."

Carol Jones adds, "We're keeping our fingers crossed that this dog brought parvo to the shelter and didn't contract it here and pass it to other animals."