Time to Choose!

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It's the age-old question, Republican or Democrat? This year the choice happens to be George W. Bush and John Kerry, but that doesn't change the division between the parties and another thing that doesn't change: college campuses getting involved in the debate.

It's a convenient setup, college Republicans on the right, college Democrats on the left, but they both have the same goal in mind: reaching voters from right here in the middle.

Kirsten Borman says, "I think our job out here as college Republicans and as students is to help our other students find out where they stand, let them know about the issues."

Michael Karr adds, “A lot of times we find people who don't have that solid political opinion and they're voting for Bush because their family is and that's the kind of people we aim for as switching."

The issues change too; this year the war in Iraq has polarized voters and it's no different at FSU.

Al Deleon says, "There's a real necessity to have gone over there, and if anything, Iraq's a better place and America's safer because Saddam Hussein is no longer in power."

Sean Selvig also says, "I don't believe there should be invasion without provocation. I think Saddam Hussein is a bad man, but the simple fact is he didn't attack us."

The candidates and issues may change, but some things will just always stay the same.