Teen Report: Speeding at Lunchtime

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It's a growing problem for school officials at Chiles High School, teens driving at excessive speeds and some weaving in and out of traffic, an issue the Chiles High School resource officer is trying to put the brakes on.

Deputy Meeks, SRO at Chiles, says, "Well, I think they get in a hurry and they don't realize too much what they're doing, and by driving recklessly they're in a rush to get where they need to be for a short period of time, and by not paying attention, that's where the recklessly comes in."
Students like Jessica Shaffer say this growing trend has become annoying and may some day end tragically.

Jessica says, "When other students drive recklessly around me, I get aggravated and it kind of makes me mad that they're driving recklessly because there's really no need to if they're in that big of a rush they can still follow the law and go the speed limit."

Bevon Foster knows firsthand the consequences of not adhering to the speed limit and now has some valuable advice to pass on to teen drivers.

Bevon says, "I would just say listen to your parents, because they know what they're talking about. Just don't drive recklessly because it's pretty stupid, I got caught doing it."

Foster says as a result of his reckless behavior his license has been revoked for 16 months. He warns those seeking that temporary thrill of being among the fast and furious could end up just like him.

School officials say Florida troopers will be posted near the school to address these issues.