Shopping Safety

It's exactly what most shoppers expected to find when they headed out the door early Friday morning, but Valdosta police are warning shoppers not to let all those bargains and sales jeopardize the safety of their car and belongings.

In just the past two months alone, 69 percent of car break-ins were non-forced, which means people simply aren't locking their doors.

CAPT Brian Childress with the Valdosta Police Department says, "The problem with that is this if you're going from your vehicle for 10 seconds, all I have to do as you leave your vehicle is walk by your car, open the door, grab your purse and valuables, close the door and walk away."

Heidi Fortner, a cautious holiday shopper, says, "I believe people are just watching for the holiday season because they know you're trying to get that sale and trying to get in the stores, so I double check and lock my doors and always have my purse with me."

That's exactly what police want all holiday shoppers to keep in mind.

Tracy Jones, another shopper, says, "Even though you might have your hands full with bags and it might be hard to open your purse, get out the keys and take that extra minute to lock the door."

Police say hiding your valuables and putting those shopping bags in the trunk will help keep your holidays safe and bright. Police say the parking lots aren't the only place criminals target. They say people need to remember to always lock their car doors when they are at home as well.