Don't Forget Elderly Family Members During Holidays

Experts say often times people tend to forget the elderly members of their families.

Nell Tedder is shopping with three generations of her family. Tedder's mom is home for the holidays from Mississippi and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Nell says, "Mom's my life. I can't imagine doing anything without her, and the holidays especially. I mean, how can you have a holiday without your parents?"

Spending time with family has been a tradition in the Tedder household, one that was passed down from generations.

Edna McCollum, visiting family, says, "When my mother was alive she was included and I had an aunt her age and she was included. It was just family.

The Tedder family is the exception to the rule. A new report suggests in all the excitement of the holidays, many families tend to overlook the elderly and not include them in any of activities.

Elizabeth Lewis, who enjoys spending time with family, says, "A lot of older people are forgotten and they're not included in a lot of the festivities. I don't know why. Maybe it's because we're too old? I don't understand, but it happens all the time."

Experts say the holidays are a time when the elderly look forward to spending it with loved ones rather than staying in a nursing home. They say if older relatives are included in family activities year-round, the holiday season will be more memorable for everyone.

The study also says families should invite older adults to the majority of holiday events. Even if they don't participate, an invitation should at least be extended.