Many Turning to the Internet for Holiday Shopping This Year

More folks are avoiding the stores and heading online to get their shopping done.

As if fighting for a parking spot wasn't enough trouble, even longer lines await shoppers at many stores around our area. That's why online retail sales are growing even stronger, up to an estimated $150 billion this year.

Pam Campbell, who likes Internet shopping, says, "It's always positive because you never have to wait, then they ship it right to you and it’s always pleasant. We're going to go shopping online to make sure that we don't have to stand in line six hours. Those lines are just really long."

While a growing number of shoppers are going online, some say they prefer shopping at a traditional store.

Ashley Craven, who doesn't like online shopping, says, "I probably wouldn't because if I can't see it and I can't feel it, I feel like I might get ripped off."

Computer experts say there is no reason to fear getting ripped off by a major online retailer because there are many security measures in place to keep your money safe.

Jonathan Liedy, an Internet expert, says, "Everything is now geared more toward the home user so it's easier to grasp, easier to understand, it's easier to get used to so there's less fear in interacting with your computer."

Experts say as long as online advancements keep happening, more people will choose to avoid these kinds of crowds and shop the Internet. Local store owners say they are not afraid of Internet sales because there will always be people who prefer shopping in person.