The Congressional Black Caucus Takes it on the Road

The Congressional Black Caucus kicked off its bus tour at FAMU's campus Friday morning. With the theme, "Our Vote, Our Future,” the CBC as well as a couple of celebrities are urging people to vote early.

Lawmakers say it's the only way to make sure your vote counts this time around. A rally at Florida A&M University is how the Congressional Black Caucus kicked off its "Our Vote, Our Future" bus tour.

With well-known film actress Alfre Woodard and NYPD Blue's James McDaniel, the CBC is urging Rattlers to not only get out and vote, but vote early.

Rep. Corrine Brown, (D) Florida, District 3, says, “If there is a problem, say a signature doesn't match at 6:45 on November 2nd, there is nothing we can do about it, but if you show up on the 18th we can rectify it.”

Students called the event inspiring, saying the passion of the panel made them want to be proactive instead of reactive.

Tamia Booker, a FAMU senior, says, “It makes you become passionate as well. I'm going to vote on October 18th and nobody's gonna stop me!”

Kendrick Meek adds, “This is really something, I mean they energize me, just seeing the enthusiasm you don't have to pull out of them, it just bursts out.”

The Congressional Black Caucus may need that extra energy as they make their way around the Sunshine State.