Poll Queues

There are different ways to vote in Leon County: early voting at the courthouse and voting at polling sites and day of the election.

Martha Walton says, “I use a mail-in ballot. It's very easy and simple and they delivered it to my door to make sure I got it."

And this year with a record number of registered voters reported, early voting and mail ballots are recommended.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, says, "We have topped the 171,000 mark for registered voters in Leon County. Our previous high was 152,000. We have added almost 16,000 new voters. This means all this new interest tells us we're going to see record numbers for November 2."

Sancho says this is a great thing but a potential problem at the same time, and he says he wants to help voters avoid frustration.

Sancho says, "While that's grand and wonderful, citizens in Leon County need to know that [with] record turnout in 103 voting locations, there will be huge lines at the polls."

Despite the warning, there are plenty of voters who will still head out to the polls November 2, because for them it's a tradition and worth it.

Kimberly Rich says, "Well, if there are a lot of people, I just have to wait until the line clears up."