Help for the Homeless

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With the cut of a ribbon and plenty of smiles, the Lowndes County Associated Ministries for the People officially opened their brand new shelter addition. Officials say this shelter is the first of its kind to house families in the area.

Angela Barker, director of New Horizons, says, "There is nowhere from Orlando to Atlanta that does that."

And there was no question about the need for one locally.

Angela adds, “We have had a waiting list for families for the last five months I guess was when it started. It was really amazing to us because it came out of nowhere."

Right now the beds are empty, but LAMP officials say come Monday morning each one of the 25 brand new beds will be occupied by a person looking to find a new beginning.

Barker says, "It's going to give them a life. It's going to give them something they've never had before."

Students from Southland Christian wanted to show their support of the new facility by donating a handmade bench.

Katie Wells, a bench designer, says, "It was a representation of how they, people, day and night they can come to LAMP and everything."

LAMP officials say they are excited about the chance to help more struggling folks in the area.