Old Fashioned Fun Day

For more than three decades thousands of people from around the Big Bend have been making the holiday trek to an event known as Old Fashioned Fun Day.

Bradley's Country Store opened in 1927, and since then it's been the hub of the Centerville Road community. Once every year around Thanksgiving they hold a get-together that is one of the three largest in Leon County.

"We have three big events a year; Red Hills Horse Trials, Bradley's and then the North Florida Fair,” said CAPT Harry Chaires with Leon County Sheriff's Office.

CAPT Harry Chaires has worked this event almost since its beginning back when just 500 people showed up. Now it's up to 25,000, and Chaires can tell you it takes a lot of deputy power to make sure it runs smoothly.

"We have around 25 deputy and reserve officers and auxiliary officers,” added Chaires.

So what's bringing the crowd? Is it the sun catcher, the food, or is it just the Christmas spirit? Ask almost anyone and you'll hear it's all about tradition.

Janet Bradley-Parker shared, “It is huge but it's been going on for a long time. My dad started doing this 34 years ago and we're just carrying on the tradition."

It’s one that will most likely out last even its long-term fans. The first Old Fashioned Fun Day was back in 1970.