Christmas Tree Sales

If you're in the market for a live Christmas tree you will likely see the same prices this season as you did last year. The costs are holding steady and that's leading to growing sale numbers.

"Oh, they smell so good, and it just smells so much better when you have a live tree in your house."

There's good news as most vendors in our area say the prices are holding over from last year.

Cynthia Hovanec said, “Our prices are pretty much the same from last year. You can find a tree anywhere from $34.95 to $99.95, and that's for 10 to 11 foot tall trees."

While prices haven't jumped, shoppers can still find a variety of trees available, anything from the popular Fraser Furs to Leland Cyprus, which have become a favorite with allergy sufferers.

Winston Barnes, who likes the Leland Cyprus, said, "As long as you water it, it doesn't shed like the other trees and it’s good for families with allergies and asthma because it does not have a strong odor."

The experts say when considering a tree make sure to think about what decorations you want to use because it makes a difference when you match your decorations to the right kind of tree.

Hovanec added, "Some people can be very creative with the gaps that they see. They will put bigger ornaments there and they'll put their treasured ornaments there so they don't fall off."

With good advice and affordable prices, Christmas tree retailers expect another strong year. If you choose to buy a fresh tree, vendors ask that you recycle your tree once the new year rolls around.