Swine Time Festival

Folks up in Georgia have gone hog wild over the Annual Swine Time Festival.

For 30 years the town of Climax, Georgia has celebrated the porky pigs of the south. This weekend's event saw a record turn out.

At Swine Time in Climax, Georgia it's all about family. It's about bonding with friends, and most importantly it's about the little oinkers.

Jean Powell, a Swine Time Veteran, said, “Well, that's the way folks made money years ago, raising pigs.”

That's why for 30 years Climax natives have welcomed all who fancy the hog and their juicy taste to a gigantic party, full of rides, contests, and of course food, specifically a southern delicacy known as chitterlings.

The Swine Time Festival kicked off Friday and ends Saturday. The Swine Time Festival was created in 1975 as part of Decatur County’s Sesquicentennial Celebration.

For many area residents Swine Time is as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey.