Unpaid Utility Bills

In a surprise move at the Quincy City Commission meeting, Mayor Derrick Elias decided to bring before commissioners two delinquent utility bills totaling more than $10,000 that belong to former Quincy city Commissioner Carolyn Ford and current Commissioner Sherrie Taylor.

Mayor Derrick Elias says, "The threshold for me was at the point of time that I knew about it or should've known about it and it was my responsibility to bring it to the board to let them be aware of it. Perhaps we can work out something in, as much as the parties were not able to work out something."

Ford and Taylor are using a portion of the Stevens School for their non-profit organizations. In lieu of rent, Taylor is scheduled to pay a portion of the electric bill.

Commissioner Sherrie Taylor would not comment on camera, but did say since she's been here at this facility she's paid $16,000 in electricity bills and has been the only one paying the bill since last year.

The city manager says Taylor and Ford have since agreed to make payments.

Earl Banks, Quincy city manager, says, "Miss Ford will pay a portion of the bill and she'll pay a quarter of the bill and then pay the rest over six months and Miss Taylor would pay the bill in the next 30 days her entire share that she has."

Banks says for now the lights at the facility will be on while the arrangements are being made. Mayor Elias is asking for a status report by the October 26 meeting. Ford has declined to comment at this time.