Thanksgiving Travel

It was another busy day at airports across the nation as millions of Americans returned home after the long Thanksgiving holiday.

Long lines and delayed flights is what many passengers are experiencing at the airport this holiday season, travelers like Jessica Earp, who is home from college.

"Coming down wasn't so good. I got a couple of delays and missed one flight. Hopefully going up won't be as bad," shared Earp.

While many passengers prepare to leave the capital city, others are glad to be home for the holiday.

"I'm back in Tallahassee where I really consider this home. I grew up here in Tallahassee and I'm back to have Thanksgiving and a reunion with my family,” said Virginia Satterfield.

Family is exactly why many fly home for the holidays, but for some the airplane ride leaves more to be desired.

From the Tallahassee Regional Airport to the Greyhound bus station, many are making holiday travel a tradition.

“It was cheap; I rode Greyhound instead of flying. It was pretty cheap," said traveler Michael McGrew.

Despite the prices, delays or bumpy rides, many say holiday traveling is worth the sacrifice to see loved ones. An estimated 37.5 million people packed airports, train stations and roads across the country this holiday.