Adopt a Sea Turtle

With the holidays upon us many are conjuring up those Christmas wish lists. From an X-Box to a new car, the lists go on and on, but there's one gift not on the list that's bound to make many folks happy.

The holiday spirit is in the air and the wants and wishes are everywhere. As the lists continue to grow the originality goes out the window, which is why something untraditional, environmental and purely selfless may be the best gift yet this year.

How about adopting a sea turtle? It’s an idea from the Caribbean Conservation Corporation. A $25 donation allows you to watch your turtle migrate up and down the Atlantic Coastline, monitoring its movements through the years.

Brooke Eubanks, who studies turtles, says, “I know that some are endangered. They get hurt a lot by people.”

That is why the need to track and protect the sea turtles has become the goal of many Floridians that believe the best gift this Christmas is the gift of life.

To find out more about the Adopt-A-Turtle Program, call 1-800-678-7853.