World War II Encampment

They are all sons of WWII veterans who are hoping to bring their father's memories to the public.
They've been called "The Greatest Generation".
Men and women who dedicated their lives to service and sacrifice for our country. Kevin Dougherty is proud to call one of them dad.
"He was in the 9th Air Force in the Signal Comp and actually stationed here in Tallahassee at Dale Mabry Field."
All of these men grew up knowing their fathers went through the worst to bring them the best.
Mick O'Connor, another son of a WWII Vet says, "They're part of the generation that's what we're here for to honor our fathers basically."
Saturday, these sons are reliving a small part of their father's lives, not just out of respect, but also as a way to ask for help.
After compiling photographs and letters from around the world, they're hoping to build a WWII history museum somewhere in Leon County
Kevin Dougherty adds, "It's been 10 years and we still don't have a home to call our own."
Right now, the letters and pictures are at FSU'S's History Department.
The Band of Brothers wants to pull them out of boxes and put them on display so everyone can reflect and remember.
The Band of Brothers is also part of the half time celebration at the FSU-Virginia game.