Cash for Trash

There's nothing like getting "cash", especially when the alternative is "trash".
The City of Tallahassee program "Cash for Trash" is based on a simple have to spend money to make money.
Carol Dixon, "Most people are environmentally
conscious. They will save their materials for an event like this. But, others will dump at illegal trash sites, and then the process to clean it up drains services. I think this saves thousands of dollars."
The way the program works is simple. City Utility customers bring in trash items that aren't gathered at normal pick ups.....things like electronics, large bulk items and hazardous waste....then....
Dixon says, "Customers are given a $5 coupon toward their next utility payment."
And customers seem to really love the program...and not just for the money. Ed Carter says, "I just feel responsible to have the merchandise or material dealt with in a positive way. I'd rather bring it here and let the City take care of it instead of doing it myself."
Buck Reese adds, "It's been non-stop. The cars keep coming. There's five us working hazardous waste and we haven't had a break yet."
The next "Cash for Trash" event will be sometime during the winter months.