Quincy Community Outreach

Neighbors and community leaders in one rural area are living up to the old adage that kindness goes a long way. Gadsen county officials and residents came together to lend a helping hand to an elderly neighbor after Mother Nature dropped an oak tree on her home. The volunteers hope the neighborly spirit will have a ripple effect on the entire community and teach everyone to come together in a time of need.
"This is a community service and we needed to do it," said Commissioner Sherrie Taylor. "We came togetherand we did it. This is a positive thing andit's what I want to continue to happen throughout the city of Quincy."
"We're out doing our little piece," said community member, Edward Dixon. "This is our volunteer work, so every little piece counts. And every person putting their hand on a log really makes a difference."
Commissioner Taylor says she's hoping a community development block grant will be used to help rehabilitate the home from the ground up.