Student Views of the Election

Sen. John Edwards is busy trying to get Florida's 27 electoral votes. Earlier Sunday he went to a church in Daytona Beach before hitting the collegiate circuit at the University of Florida and now he's in Rattler territory. The goal is to secure votes from the college population.

The Democratic vice presidential candidate is on Florida A&M's campus trying to get more students involved in the political process. As the senator makes his campaigning swing through the south, many students hope his southern charm will help win more supporters for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Shelby Joslin, a student voter, said, "It's a good opportunity for students to actually see how Edwards speaks and Edwards can relate to all of us. He's a southerner, which is good for this area."

It’s an area that is crucial in the upcoming election. Edward's visit will give these young voters a chance to see where he stands on issues like education and minimum wage.

Ernsot Turene, a FAMU student, said, "All these things affect us as black students...we believe that with John Kerry and John Edwards. Minimum wage will be raised to seven dollars as mentioned."

While jobs and the economy are on the minds of many students...some say they're most concerned how the Kerry-Edwards ticket will impact their future.

Camille Campbell, a student voter, said, "If John Edwards comes today and he lets the students know his views and what he's going to do for our country, then they'll maybe have a better idea about what this candidate will do and not vote for him because they don't wanna vote for the other ticket."

The Kerry-Edwards ticket is hoping their presence in Florida will make an impact with students and swing voters.

Edwards is on a five-day, 12 city tour of the state. The trip underscores the importance of a state that Bush won by 537 votes over Democrat Al Gore in 2000.