Florida Is a Pivotal State in an Upcoming Election

With the General Election just weeks away, political candidates are flooding the swing states, and Florida is one of them.

First Cheney, now Edwards; Tallahassee seems to be a hotbed for political candidates these days, both men vying for the vice presidential seat.

Dick Cheney made his stop at the Leon County Civic Center and Sunday Sen. John Edwards could be seen on FAMU's campus.

Marvin Halleck, a Florida voter, said, "It's good, it's got to be a plus."

While some view the visits as a positive measure to help educate voters before going to the polls, others feel the attention stems from the 2000 Election.

Chris Giaritelli, a Florida voter, said, "I do agree the situation was bad. We're doing the best we can here."

Elinor Elfner, a Florida voter, said, "I think there's some repercussions, but I hope the votes will be counted."

Whether it's elections of yesteryears or the electoral vote that's fueling these visits- one thing is certain, in the eyes of these candidates Florida is a pivotal state to win come November 2.