John Edwards Arrives at FAMU

Thousands showed up on the campus of Florida A&M for the rally for vice presidential candidate, Sen. John Edwards.

The Democratic Party continues to reach out to Florida voters with a message of unity and a vision for the future.

Sen. John Edwards said, "We will keep America safe and we will reject the politics of fear and division and unite this county again, ONE United States of America."

Edwards continues his message about George Bush and Dick Cheney on issues of domestic policy.

John Edwards said, "You cannot stand with big drug companies, big insurance companies, Haliburton, big oil and the Saudi royal family and still stand with the American people. You deserve a president who will fight for you everyday."

But the message that resonated best with this crowd was one that hit them directly in the wallet.

John Edwards said, "Let me tell you what I believe, I believe what would be good for our economy is to outsource George Bush and Dick Cheney. That's what would be good for our economy."

From here Edwards heads to Fort Myers where he is planning another rally Monday.