Medical Center Is on the Move

The staff of an area medical center takes a big step to accommodate their growing number of patients and one of those steps is costing close to $1 million.

The Wakulla Medical Center, located off Highway 98 in Panacea, currently operates from part of an old shopping center.

Dr. Eugene Charbonneau is the center's only physician. He says working in the center feels like working out of a closet.

Dr. Charbonneau says, "My X-ray room doubles as an exam room. My procedure room doubles as an office. Just if I had more outlets to plug in my equipment into would be a pleasure."

The center serves about 8,500 people yearly, and the numbers are increasing.

Quin Noles, ARNP nurse practitioner, says, "We've got a lot of residents who've said that when the building is complete, they'll change over to us as their provider, so they won't have to go to Tallahassee.”

Patient Thomas Hunt says, "He takes care of the community, whether they're able to afford it or not."

The staff of Wakulla Medical hopes to be in their new building by January.

The new building will have 12 exam rooms, a conference room and two procedure rooms for minor surgery.