A Master Cyclist Makes a Stop in the Capital City

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A master cyclist is breaking records as he crosses through the capital city. He's traveling from coast to coast with a message

Bill Anderson is as man on a mission. He and his trusty titanium bicycle have spent the past three weeks on the road peddling from coast to coast proving a healthy lifestyle goes a long way.

With energy supplements and protein shakes fueling his body, the 78-year-old is defying the hands of time, which is why he's sharing his story in every city he breezes through, touting exercise and nutrition extends life.

Bill says, “People will say ‘you want this?’ I say ‘give me veggies and fruit and I'm happy with that.’”

It doesn't take much to make Bill happy, just an open road, a caring crew and a dream to enjoy the sights and sounds of our nation from a cyclist’s view.

“To me it's exciting. Some people like ice cream, they enjoy it, I enjoy this.”

Mr. Anderson hopes to complete his mission in Jacksonville, Florida this Thursday. Also visit www.crossroadsmission.org for more information.