Alcohol Awareness at Valdosta State University

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Alcohol awareness is a big issue at universities this time of year. This week Valdosta State is following FSU's lead with a week-long program to make more students aware of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Like students around the nation, students at Valdosta State University consider the fall semester the party season of the school year, and that's why university leaders are working together on a week-long alcohol awareness program.

Mark Williams says, "VSU tries to take a proactive stance and not be oblivious to the problem signs that are there and we try and address those issues and provide our students with the information needed to make good decisions before there is a problem."

VSU students say drinking is no more of a problem here than at any other university, but they are glad to see steps being taken to keep the issue from becoming a major problem.

Leigh Ann Cobb, a VSU junior, says, "There's a lot of bars right close to the school and everybody drinks, so it’s important folks learn to be safe and if they're going to drink they [should] be educated because you don't want to see anybody get hurt or drive drunk."

There are several alcohol awareness activities planned at VSU during the rest of the week, and organizers say they hope to be successful in helping to encourage safer drinking habits.

Williams adds, "I think for those who are making responsible decisions, it encourages them to know they're doing right and for those who are drinking too much, maybe cause them to pause and think about their use of alcohol."

They are actions which could help keep both students and non-students safer this party season. VSU officials say this program has helped prevent countless alcohol related deaths during the past few years.