Leon County Gets Big Turnout for Early Voting

More than 1,000 ballots cast on day one of early voting in Florida and 5,000 more votes have already been cast by mail.

When the supervisor of elections opened the doors early Monday morning there was a line outside the courthouse of people just waiting to vote.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was in town encouraging to voters take advantage of early voting.

Rev. Jesse Jackson says, "Vote early because one day on Tuesday creates difficulties. Vote early, it’s more convenient and you detect flaws in the system."

And while students were in awe of the reverend, he may not have needed to tell this group the importance of not only voting, but doing it early.

At the Leon County Courthouse all day there were people taking advantage of the early polls, casting a smile on the elections supervisor's face.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, says, "We're ready to go. It's exciting to see all these people casting their ballots. It’s exciting to see our form of government working so well."

Sancho said he expected Monday's turnout to exceed all previous records by more than 30,000. During the early voting period this year, ballots can be cast on the weekends as well.

This Sunday from 9-5 voters are welcome at the Leon County Courthouse, and then the following Saturday October 30 from 9-5.

There will be mock voting for kids as well.