New President of the Associated Industries of Florida

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Jon Shebel, president of Associated Industries of Florida, hands over the torch to a former AIF consultant and top Tallahassee lobbyist.

After 34 years as president of Associated Industries of Florida, Jon Shebel is stepping down, no longer heading the group known for protecting and promoting business in Florida.

Jon says, "Years ago the executive of a motor car company said what's good for business is good for America, and everybody criticized him for that."

The new president is veteran lobbyist Barney Bishop, who says while there may be a change in leadership, the group's purpose remains the same.

Barney says, "There's not going to be a significant change. We'll still push the issues that are important to the business community; number one is tort reform and number two is the budget. The budget parlays itself into every other piece of what state government tries to do and has to do of its people."

In 2003, Bishop was appointed to the Board of Trustees at Florida A&M, a post he doesn't plan on leaving.

Barney adds, "I think I will continue to do my job at FAMU. I’m very proud of that appointment and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to serve. As long as the governor doesn't ask me to step down, I’ll continue to serve."

Bishop will sell his own lobbying firm and will also head Associated Industries management company.

Jon Shebel will remain chief executive officer of Associated Industries.