Hands on Thomas County

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An organization that's the first of its kind in Thomas County is getting volunteers out in the community lending a helping hand, and the results can be seen all over town.

Gardening and painting is how hundreds of volunteers spent their Saturday about two weeks ago for the kickoff of "Hands on Thomas County." A butterfly garden and mural at the Thomasville Resource Center are some of the finished products.

Liz Crockett of the Thomasville Resource Center says, "We had a very boring cement wall around the playground. Now it's a beautiful mural; 240 feet is painted; the children were ecstatic, they absolutely love it. One little girl actually put her face up against it and cried."

Volunteers were recognized Tuesday for their hard work. The mission of the program is to increase volunteerism and find out what projects need to be done in the community.

Lori Everett, Executive Director of Hands on Thomas County, says, "Local organizations and non-profits need volunteers. We need assistance and we want to work with the current ongoing existing activities to be an extra voice for them."

Hands on Thomas County has completed 2,000 service hours so far, and organizers say that's just the beginning.

Everett adds, "Most people can sometimes write a check to make a donation to a local group, but when you give your time it means so much more.”

And as this project proves, when an entire community comes together to give their time, there's no limit to what can be accomplished.

Hands on Thomas County is the fifth organization of this kind in the state. There are about 70 non-profit organizations and schools in the county that will benefit from the program.