Emergency Crews Face Dangers on the Road

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Dozens of rescue crews hit the roads around our area each day, rushing to save lives or property, but one of their biggest threats is not an accident scene or a fire, it's right behind the wheel.

Last year more firefighters were killed nationwide in traffic accidents than were killed fighting fires. Local rescue crews say that's proof drivers need to pay more attention to what's going on around them.

David Bauch, an emergency responder, says, "Always be aware. It's a good thing to check your rearview mirror constantly. Make sure your sideview mirrors are where you can see both sides of the vehicle behind you."

Rescuers also say the modern practice of sound proofing today's new cars also adds to the problem. Between that, the radio and conversation with passengers, rescuers admit it can be difficult to hear the sirens, but they say it's no excuse for not getting out of the way.

Bauch adds, "The focus has been on the quiet ride, and in doing so it keeps out the noises from the environment, which includes sirens, so people don't hear a siren coming. We just want everyone to do their part and pull to the right."

It’s a move that could help save the lives of the rescuers and the folks needing help.