"Sure Futures" Could Be a Sure Thing for Graduate Students

Florida Rep. Kevin Ambler has come up with a plan to expand state aid for graduate students. It's called, "Sure Futures."

The program would give students seeking masters and Ph.D.s the opportunity to have all of their education paid for; tuition, books and living expenses.

Rep. Kevin Ambler says, "We are going to pair up and partner with the private sector and allow companies to give money into the program, receive tax credits on their promise to offer a four-year guaranteed position at a Florida company for these graduate students."

Timothy Schneider, an FSU undergraduate student, says, "If an architecture firm would approach me and say 'I'm willing to pay you all the money you need for graduate school so that you can work for us,' that opportunity would be amazing."

It sounds like a win-win all around with the proposed program. Students get a free education and a guaranteed job.

The companies get tax breaks and highly trained workers, and even Florida universities benefit with a steady source of promising grad students.